Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Love of God in Us - Panola County Daily Devotional Extension

When we look at the ABC's of the Christian walk we are looking for a focus, an objective, a goal: something to strive for.  This walk isn't made from works, mind you, but most certainly is evidenced by them.  So what are we looking for?  What can we focus on in our own lives?
Two Sections of scripture come to mind:  II Corinthians 10:3-5 and Romans 12:1 & 2.
This week, We've been taking steps to share what the Lord has give us here.  We pray that it has shed light in your heart and that today we can add to that in the name of Jesus.
Tuesday we looked at Romans 12:1 and saw that Paul was Calling the Roman Believers to do submit to God; "I Beseech you Brethren".  We found out that our submission to God is produced in us "by the mercies of God".  
Wednesday, yesterday, we talked about how real sin is in our own lives and that when dealing with other's we must keep that in mind, "Looking at specks past our planks"
Today we explore in our brief time: The Love of God In Us. For more on today's message click the BLOG link @
                All of Scripture reveals to us that God’s will in the earth is to be glorified by His creation – you and I as a born-again believer, have the key and the access to grant His requirement: worshipping in Spirit and in Truth.  Don’t let the doctrine of man sway you, dear believer.  If the Lord says you can talk in other languages, believe that, if He says that you can pray in the Spirit without understanding and then pray FOR understanding afterwards then by faith DO THAT!  Trust that you’ll receive what your spirit has spoken in conversation to the Lord.  If you believe that God has said (to do) and it lines up with His word, do it BOLDLY and quickly.  I promise you this, by follow the commands of Jesus to Love God first, you will get to know Him.  Begin loving on God by pouring out in prayer and using His word (the Bible).  He will disciple you in how to approach, with understanding, His character AND you’ll love your neighbor as yourself.

                Following the first commandment of Jesus, to Love God first, is something that increases in us, grows, until we leave this earth.  The increase of our love is by God’s revelation: it happens within our relationship with Him.  It is impossible for man to completely know the depths of the Love of God, for God is Love.  HIS depths are unfathomable to us!  How could our finite minds wrap around the infinite?  Think of it: as a child of God, you have an inheritance that is infinite.  Infinite.  Would you like to hear the good news?  WE HAVE ACCESS TO IT ALL BECAUSE OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN US!!!  Let me see if some Word can help us grasp this… 
“We love because He first loved us.” – I John 4:19 MEV
So, the cause of my love for Him is His for me?  What a spark!  Does this mean: My love for Him is full & complete or He doesn’t love me at all?  Well, not exactly: Our love for Him is instant in that we have met someone that Loves us completely but as time goes by and He continues to love us our love for him grows as we discover more of Him. 
First, there is the initial sanctification of man to Him in salvation: A man can “will” a change by putting pressure on his nature.  He’ll even show change but the moment he releases the pressure he’s back to square one.  When God changes our Nature (in salvation [new heart, new mind]), this radically changes our desires to be aligned with His.  Then, the process of continued sanctification excels and we move on from Faith to Faith and from Glory to Glory.  The more revelation and understanding I have of His love FOR me, the more I’m enabled to retain and to share His love – with Him.   Did you see that?  It’s His love shed abroad in our hearts that makes the difference.  We don’t have it in and of ourselves.  Being born again sets us into our access of the things of the spirit realm by our born-again spirit (“inner man” Eph 3).  THEN AND ONLY THEN can we Worship in Spirit and in Truth.  It is our born-again spirit that has access to the Throne Room, it is there we commune with God, it is there that our RELATIONSHIP is: it cannot exist without it – God is a Spirit & God is Love. 

                Hold on, let’s go deeper:  If God is love and we are one with Him, who is it that loves others and how is it that we love others as ourselves if we ourselves can’t even love ourselves?!?! Did you see that?  Praise God for Revelation Knowledge of the workings of the Kingdom!  It is GOD who loves us and it is GOD who loves others – we are a vessel for HIM, not for us.  When we are full of self,   we have NOTHING to give and when we are full of Him we STILL have NOTHING to give – That's why Hebrews calls us to strive to enter His rest! HE loves others through us while we rest in Him.  We simply yield and become a conduit of His “electric” power.  We are the connection from the place where He is in the Throne Room and the place where we are in the earth realm: a true "manifestation of the sons of God."

This is why the ABC's are so important: Romans 12:1,2 and II Corinthians 10:3-5:

Remember: the increase of our love is by God’s revelation in relationship.  Loving others starts with loving God.  You cannot love them without ministering to Him first.  

I thank you for joining me today, I'm JD and I call you Blessed and Highly Favored!

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