Friday, October 13, 2017

Mike Barber Weekend @ Hutchins

Hello everyone:
     Wanted to keep you in the loop on what we're doing in Jesus' Name!  I had the honor of going in to the Hutchins Unit (TDCJ) tonight and seeing the men there encouraged by Mike Barber and Co. 
     Brandon, Pastor in Houston, opened up followed by Phil Driscoll and Jesse Duplantis. What a real Group of individuals sharing their hearts out to The men behind prison walls.

     The kicker wasn't meeting these Men of God, although it is an High Honor to do so, but that almost every man under that tent stood when asked to solidify their relationship with Jesus. Mike had them all look up for 3 seconds so Jesus could take their picture and it was an amazing sight to see these men, whom society might balk at, hungry for more of God. An High Honor indeed.

Rev JD Pierce
Christ Carries Me Ministries

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Love of God in Us - Panola County Daily Devotional Extension

When we look at the ABC's of the Christian walk we are looking for a focus, an objective, a goal: something to strive for.  This walk isn't made from works, mind you, but most certainly is evidenced by them.  So what are we looking for?  What can we focus on in our own lives?
Two Sections of scripture come to mind:  II Corinthians 10:3-5 and Romans 12:1 & 2.
This week, We've been taking steps to share what the Lord has give us here.  We pray that it has shed light in your heart and that today we can add to that in the name of Jesus.
Tuesday we looked at Romans 12:1 and saw that Paul was Calling the Roman Believers to do submit to God; "I Beseech you Brethren".  We found out that our submission to God is produced in us "by the mercies of God".  
Wednesday, yesterday, we talked about how real sin is in our own lives and that when dealing with other's we must keep that in mind, "Looking at specks past our planks"
Today we explore in our brief time: The Love of God In Us. For more on today's message click the BLOG link @
                All of Scripture reveals to us that God’s will in the earth is to be glorified by His creation – you and I as a born-again believer, have the key and the access to grant His requirement: worshipping in Spirit and in Truth.  Don’t let the doctrine of man sway you, dear believer.  If the Lord says you can talk in other languages, believe that, if He says that you can pray in the Spirit without understanding and then pray FOR understanding afterwards then by faith DO THAT!  Trust that you’ll receive what your spirit has spoken in conversation to the Lord.  If you believe that God has said (to do) and it lines up with His word, do it BOLDLY and quickly.  I promise you this, by follow the commands of Jesus to Love God first, you will get to know Him.  Begin loving on God by pouring out in prayer and using His word (the Bible).  He will disciple you in how to approach, with understanding, His character AND you’ll love your neighbor as yourself.

                Following the first commandment of Jesus, to Love God first, is something that increases in us, grows, until we leave this earth.  The increase of our love is by God’s revelation: it happens within our relationship with Him.  It is impossible for man to completely know the depths of the Love of God, for God is Love.  HIS depths are unfathomable to us!  How could our finite minds wrap around the infinite?  Think of it: as a child of God, you have an inheritance that is infinite.  Infinite.  Would you like to hear the good news?  WE HAVE ACCESS TO IT ALL BECAUSE OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN US!!!  Let me see if some Word can help us grasp this… 
“We love because He first loved us.” – I John 4:19 MEV
So, the cause of my love for Him is His for me?  What a spark!  Does this mean: My love for Him is full & complete or He doesn’t love me at all?  Well, not exactly: Our love for Him is instant in that we have met someone that Loves us completely but as time goes by and He continues to love us our love for him grows as we discover more of Him. 
First, there is the initial sanctification of man to Him in salvation: A man can “will” a change by putting pressure on his nature.  He’ll even show change but the moment he releases the pressure he’s back to square one.  When God changes our Nature (in salvation [new heart, new mind]), this radically changes our desires to be aligned with His.  Then, the process of continued sanctification excels and we move on from Faith to Faith and from Glory to Glory.  The more revelation and understanding I have of His love FOR me, the more I’m enabled to retain and to share His love – with Him.   Did you see that?  It’s His love shed abroad in our hearts that makes the difference.  We don’t have it in and of ourselves.  Being born again sets us into our access of the things of the spirit realm by our born-again spirit (“inner man” Eph 3).  THEN AND ONLY THEN can we Worship in Spirit and in Truth.  It is our born-again spirit that has access to the Throne Room, it is there we commune with God, it is there that our RELATIONSHIP is: it cannot exist without it – God is a Spirit & God is Love. 

                Hold on, let’s go deeper:  If God is love and we are one with Him, who is it that loves others and how is it that we love others as ourselves if we ourselves can’t even love ourselves?!?! Did you see that?  Praise God for Revelation Knowledge of the workings of the Kingdom!  It is GOD who loves us and it is GOD who loves others – we are a vessel for HIM, not for us.  When we are full of self,   we have NOTHING to give and when we are full of Him we STILL have NOTHING to give – That's why Hebrews calls us to strive to enter His rest! HE loves others through us while we rest in Him.  We simply yield and become a conduit of His “electric” power.  We are the connection from the place where He is in the Throne Room and the place where we are in the earth realm: a true "manifestation of the sons of God."

This is why the ABC's are so important: Romans 12:1,2 and II Corinthians 10:3-5:

Remember: the increase of our love is by God’s revelation in relationship.  Loving others starts with loving God.  You cannot love them without ministering to Him first.  

I thank you for joining me today, I'm JD and I call you Blessed and Highly Favored!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Panola County Devotional Sept 25, 2017

Behold, for peace I had great bitterness: but thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption:  for thou hast cast all my sins behind thy back. Isaiah 38:17

It is in the depths of sin that we cannot see sin for what it is.  It is only when the light that is God draws us with His precious Spirit that we are able to even glance at the depths of the wickedness that surrounds the non-believer yea is even issued from his heart. It is the bondage of slavery in Egypt, we knew nothing more than whips and dinner, hushed conversations kept far from our captors ears about God or a new born son and daughter on the way. The person who doesn’t know Jesus lives under such a burden and cannot see that burden as something to be broken but something to be lived with.  

It is in the depths of sin that we cannot see sin for what it is. It is only when the light that is God draws us with His precious Spirit that we are able to see the depth of the wickedness in this world.   Dear man, dear woman, has God pricked your heart this morning? Hear the words of The Lord recorded in Isaiah 44:
For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring. And they shall spring up as among the grass, as willows by the water courses, One shall say, I am the LORD’s and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob; and another shall subscribe with his hand unto the Lord, and name himself by the name of Israel. Thus says the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the Lord of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me the is no god.

Dear man, dear woman, please hear me when I say to you that your chains are yours by willing choice and that there is a freedom that is offered you this day. Hear me when I proclaim that I was bound  in those chains unknowingly and had it not been for a man called Jesus and a place called Calvary I’d still be there with you, blind and unable to reach out my hand today in offering.

Monday, July 31, 2017


     Standing in a hallway, full of iron bars and cubbyholes called cells, inside the maximum security women's prison in Gatesville to sow the love of God and the Gospel message seems like a long way off for most people, but for those called to that field it's where we feel alive!  There's something about the anointing on your life being struck by the presence of the Holy Spirit that is tangible and real. It's not something I'd put in to words well but if you have operated in this blessed time then you know what I'm speaking of. To some that place is the pulpit, to some it is mission, to some it is in service, but to all who experience Him, it is the fullest recognition of the real power of the presence of God this side of Shakana Glory: Hallelujah. 
     It was during this moment when speaking to an offender became a war for her soul. The presence of God was thick and there was a physical manifestation of the enemy and his attempt to divide. During strong ministry and deliverance this evil manifested as a wall like the heatwaves coming from a mid-August highway in south Texas.  Here is this broken soul fighting to conquer this demonic stronghold and a demon strong enough to physically hinder my sight for a moment and at the name of Jesus that thing folded up and fled. It was the faith driven utterance "go in Jesus name" that brought clarity and calm for a moment. Ministry began again and testimony was shares and the demonic presence returned!  I had to wave my hands in front of my face to fight off the disorientation and blurred vision, it was like we were in a loud windy tunnel and couldn't communicate to one another clearly. "The Blood of Jesus was shed to pay the price for sin! Devil you must go from here.  In Jesus' name." And peace returned for a moment.  This went on for a while and I felt prompted to ask, "Do you know if anyone who practices witchcraft?  Do you?"  Immediately the answer came, a dark craft from tribal grounds in Africa was exposed and a name was uttered. She had cast a spell on her, she told me she did, out loud, in front of her, to her face, cast a spell.
Now, a curse without cause cannot light is a phrase we use to define the finished work of the Cross in the Believer's life. Walking in the law of Love (done by faith alone and much repentance), brings to light the new nature (or original nature) of mankind. Adam was created in this nature and at the fall, sin-consciousness was birthed, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was the wrong tree! Those are soulish choices and the soul was NEVER meant to govern the body, the spirit was!  The choices of the spirit are life and death, blessings or curses. Those are the real choices we make everyday! We think Good/Evil is all that is before us and when we do we are choosing death mostly with a little life in the mercy we might show as judge, but life is different! Life is alive, not condemning, liberating, not "fear to bondage", constraining in that we walk in choices the bring life only and those choices produce a pure Good that supersedes the good of good/evil!!!  All of this is accomplished IN us by Christ and none of it is of us alone. "As He is, so are we in this world."(1 Jn 4)    That being said, she was living in sin, walking out an alternative lifestyle, one contrary to the law of Love, one that cannot follow the commands of God to "Be Fruitful" so she had GIVEN cause for the curse to light!  She had no defense. No shield and buckler, no faith that God loved her enough to love her much less protect. She wasn't submitted. She just didn't know. It was her despair that continued to invite that demon back again and again, that and the curse spoken over her was consuming the Word of God for her at each moment. Thus producing the effect of the thief to kill, steal, and destroy!
     I would like to say that we were able to walk her through deliverance completely but we did not. I had never experienced such strength in manifestation of the enemy in battle for a soul but the Spirit of God's presence I recognized and He comforted me as not to fear but to conquer and sow seed into a ground only He is able to soften.   I pray that she went to the services and found repentance, I pray that even now faith is working in her that is founded and rooted in the Love of God for only LOVE conquers all things, from that puny dark and evil presence to the saving of a soul, God is Love and Love is God (1 Jn 4:8,16)

Thanks for listening.
Please respond with your thoughts and comments and questions. I welcome the love.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

miséō Conquered

Miséō is the Greek word for "hate" that we see in I John 2:9:
8 Again, a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in him and in you: because the darkness is past, and the true light now shineth.
9 He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now.
10 He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.
11 But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.
                                                I John 2:8-11 KJV
Strong's defines it as "to hate, pursue with hatred, detest or to be hated, detested."  That's quite a strong word!
As believers we use the word "hate" way to loosely.  "I hate that!" or "I hate it when you do that!" or "I hate broccoli!" This morning hear the creativity in the words you're speaking. Know that by the Words God spoke creation came to be and think on that for a moment.  Let's ask ourselves: "How much DOES my mouth define my reality?"
So that being said, how many of you have something against another believer?  The Word tells us that he who hates is darkness.  Now, I'm not saying that you aren't saved because of it but I can say this: I wouldn't wander to far from the wall your hand is on..  Have you ever turned the lights out at night in the living room and for a second couldn't see a thing but began to wander towards the hall or bedroom?  How many of you know that those who are blinded are led by their feelings?
But there is a seriousness that needs to be dealt with here.  We, as believers, are called to "make our calling and election sure" and to "work out [our] salvation with fear and trembling" so IF we have hatred towards a brother or sister it's time for a heart check!
"But Bro Pierce, I said the prayer of salvation and I got baptized at the church.  I know I'm saved and that's all there is to that!"    Do you?  Now, I'm not going to question your confession because I'm not qualified to do so; but you should...  We must test ourselves to know that we are in the Faith!  Better to test and find ourselves lacking than to not test and find ourselves, without reprieve, in hell.
If you ever come to a place where you are questioning whether or not you're saved, know that it's not God's Ability that's in question. He is able to save to the Utmost!  When you question, and you should do so, do so with an expectant heart.  Doubt, in this sense, is not your enemy. Unbelief is the enemy, Faith and Believing is the friend, doubt notes a place in between the two.  Wouldn't you rather know that you don't know and be able to search for the answer or would you rather find yourself in an eternal bind?
We've used the example of "hate" here because hate is of a nature that we as believers have been freed from. It is but a portion of iniquity and transgression.  That nature is the old nature and the new man, formed in God's image, born again, new heart, new mind, new you is forged in LOVE.  The strongholds of pain and bitterness of our past is something that, now that we are the Lord's, we have the authority to rip down!  This reminds me of the Promised Land, a biblical type and shadow of salvation: Did Israel gain all of the Promised Land? Yes!   In one day or by battle after battle? That's right, they fought for it, they took ground with effort and it took effort to take the ground and keep it!
Is "hate" a city on the hills of your Promised Land?  Can you name it? Define it?  Know it in and out?  Then strategize in prayer with the One Who gave you the victory over it and DEFEAT IT!  What darkness exposed by light remains?  Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light!  In fact, darkness is but an absence of light!  Turn the light on and let's roll on the the next city!  TAKE THE GROUND AND POSSES IT FOR IT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO YOU BY PROMISE!
Amen!  The moment Jesus was raised from the dead Satan was done!  We have to renew our minds ( from the Word of God) that our source is Jesus and that the Spirit of God is within us!  We declare the glory of the Lord over you today! We believe that we receive the manifested presence of God, the manifested goodness of God, and the manifested power of God!

Be blessed!  We love you!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ministry Update - June 2017

     We Praise God for you! This past 2 weeks has been crazy with little office time to sit and write.  It is VERY encouraging to us to see fruit of God produced in others and to be a catalyst for that is humbling.  I guess we never really know which moments in our lives count for someone else in an eternal way.

     Ministry is a calling for sure: you have to know that you know or else you’ll let the vision slip from you.  I believe that we received the vision in 2011 for this ministry.  Even the name Christ Carries Me was given then.  It’s easy to see that God is with us because of the connections He’s made in relation to the vision.

     For instance: Hellen and Robert Howell and Anne and Al Sherril, two couples, both were
volunteers at Coffield for over 20 years.  They faithfully, week by week, went to the Coffield Boot Camp.  Even on Christmas day, there they were, it was a Saturday, second nature, no questions!

This has impacted us greatly to see people with hearts of gold that go.  Now we see Bro Robert and Sis Hellen pretty much once a month minimum and we are involved in street ministry together as a band (Vessels of Clay) among other things.  Family ties are made in the Blood of Jesus!
The street ministry is called Jesus Burger.   Yeah,  Jesus Burger!  It’s really simple.  The place it’s held is spotted, prayed and fasted over, cross-walked (with giant crosses these guys go door to door and knock on ‘em to love people), finalized and then the events start in that place and continue month to month.  They are usually held in the neighborhoods where the need is and the ministry is “free clothes, live music, free meal.”   Ministers like us are EVERYWHERE and you have a place wherever you go no matter where you are if you're in the Call.  We go and are present and accounted for.  When the meal is served we eat and fellowship with the people.  In the pictures you see, we’d be overdressed for a Jesus Burger… It's not about show, it's about relationship. Check out that LOGO!
 We’re blessed to be a part of that Ministry – On Mission Ministries out of Treasure Church, Longview Texas.  They multiply them in cities all over this area every weekend… Amazing people.

We went to the Boyd Unit a couple weekends ago too.  We RV’d like a pro!  Anne and Al and Hellen and Robert and I all stayed overnight because the service time is 7 am.  Robert, Hellen and I went to Tenn Colony directly after that, met up with David and went in to the TC @ Coffield for services.

God is good and faithful to supply open doors to us as we go along.  It’s really something to go and testify or to give a word to someone the Lord shows you.  God is SO good.

    Most recently we've connected with Mike Barber Ministries and Bill Glass Behind the Walls.

      We send our love to Mike Barber Ministries. We LOVE Sean and the team over there… Their hearts are for God and His in the jails… it’s a big deal, really.  We've entered in with them twice and look forward to working with them MUCH more in the near future.

     Mickey Webb wrote to us and suggested we touch base with Volunteer James Guerra.  Well we reached out to him through Mercy Heart where he was at last we knew and he called us back.  He’s now the area director for Bill Glass Ministries and he just so happens to have an event in our area coming up and needed help laying the foundations.  It is SO awesome the way God works.  They’re coming to the Henderson area and need over 200 volunteers to come along.  Here’s James and I at our meeting last week.  We’re excited to be a small part of what God is doing state-wide.  Fear not!

     We've been in talks with Kevin Brown.  He and his wife, Debra, are precious to us.  Also Sister Gardner, who is a mighty woman of God and since her husband Anthony passed away, she’s stood strong! She misses him greatly.  The way I figure, he’s missed by many.  Pastor Gardner, was a man you knew to approach well as the Spirit of the Lord was with him.  So, Kevin and I talk regularly.  He gave me a life verse one day in the beginnings of the Ministry vision and didn’t realize it at the time (Genesis 28:15).  That verse stuck with me HARD.  He is doing well and is working to get in to the prisons and volunteer also.  He’s as stout in the Lord as always and he still has a big head! (physically LARGE) 😊

        Leaving the old life behind is evidence of a true move of God.  It didn’t happen for me until then and I tried to do it on my own.  We were working in the ministry, laying hands on the sick, casting out devils, all that but so did the people in the book of Matthew BEFORE the Holy Ghost and the Salvation of Man!!!  I read once the verse “...but Lord, didn’t we cast out….  Yes, but depart from Me for I never knew you.”  WOAH! That frightened me to no end when I saw that!!  That was the beginning of what I call my “conversion”.  It was the truest point of my life in that I was able to see God as Holy and me as NOT AT ALL WORTHY.   But praise GOD for His Grace (Luke 11:5-13)!  After that experience, the Word came alive, my prayer life began to matter and the prayers I asked I could see being answered, God got involved…  I told God in that deepest pit, “Father, this is what I can do with my life.  I can’t.  You have to!”  and that, my friend, was it.  But HE had to bring me there, you know?  The thing is, now that I know church is full of messy people (As I was one and still am) I can go without being mad at the “hypocrites”.  Where else you want ‘em to be?  HOLY GHOST SETUP! YEAH!

 Dearest Reader: That's our update.  Know that we’re praying for you.  We Love you.  Peace!


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