Thursday, December 14, 2017

Reading 1 John 5:14-15

“Lord what you want for me“

“for you let me close to you. For you to let me come and be with you. For you let me rest with you.“

“But Lord, let you? Aren’t you sovereign? I have to let you?“

“I am.”

Immediately revelation begins to flow from the Throne of Grace with great mercy: The Lord is sovereign and He is omnipresent (everywhere) including close to us and with us at all times. Even tho He is resting with His Children, there’s an activation of that in relationship when they acknowledge and focus, believing, these truths. Spending time with Him day after day has taught us that we can spend time with Him moment to moment: arrive here and you’ll find that the peace that passes all understanding will rise up in your heart and remain.
What an awesome and scandalous Love He is! Thank you Lord! Thank You!

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